Clan Events

with the love of our all member in our clan that makes us more active and happening clan in the game so we have decided to create our own personal events which makes player more active loyal and faithful to the clan. The events are as follow : 

  1. Mega War: During the particular season 7SD organised a war 50 v 50 which we called it a mega war. This helps us to know that how highly the clan is active where all the member of the clan have to participate in the clan war with their both attacks (both Heroes are necessary during the war). with the huge success in our mega war event we make some points to follow for :
    1. Active whole season with the good attack win and sensible donation ratio.
    2. Heroes level should be good as per their town hall.
    3. Need to pass the test which is Town hall 10-11 with good high end destruction and Town hall 9 and below with 100% destruction on a friendly challenge 3 out of 5 attacks. ( 1 friendly challenge each day with war troops.) 
    4. From our family clan we choose the best players to be a part of this event so do not demotivate yourself if your are not in the 7SD but your performance can lead you there.
    5. If you fail in your Friendly challenge attack there is one more chance to prove yourself which is in the friendly war challenge with our family clan with balancing team give your best shot in this challenge and you will be in.             (note: this test are just for the Mega War Event except that you can enjoy in the clan without hesitation) 
    6. We support each players even if they are not good in attack we guide them and give them a tips on which troops to make and from where to start the attack. 
  2. Troops EventEvery weekend clan organised one event with some specific troops like (Bowler, Hogs, Lava) or any destructive troops for full day.
  3. Family Clan: With the huge success in a 7SD clan and with it success we merged with our family clans. We are a big family and a clan has only 50 member space so we have 2 family clans where our other members and our mini accounts play together. On performance basis or in need we shuffle our players to 7SD and 7SD to family clans. Join Our family clan and make our territory strong by joining the family.  

Family Clan Tag :

(MAD FOR WAR) – #Y8GCY8PJ Clan Level 11

(India) – #89LCVQV2 Clan Level 11




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