1 year Anniversary

Celebrating 1 year of Successful Core Committee Team

On this occasion we are organizing 2 events on 10th October 2017 with Cash Prizes.

Payments will done through Paytm.

Event 1 :


  • Higgest loot of the day will get Rs 300.
  • 2nd highest loot of the day will get Rs 200.
  • 3rd highest loot of the day will get Rs 100.
  • Loot Event Time 12:01 am to 10:00 pm

You have to take Screen Shot of the loot, including your mobile time which include the loot of Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir

We will add Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir.

Share that loot replay in clan and send Screenshot in Whatsapp Group.

If you got better loot then the last one don’t get upset by thinking that you already have shared one loot. Share again if you got more loot than last one.

Event 2


  • 24 players will send in a new clan and rest 24 players will stay in 7sd Clan.
  • 16 each TH from 9 to 11 (which will be divided equally)
  • 1 player will use only 1 attack in friendly war which is mirror attack.
  • Each attack will be knockout (if you’ll loose u will be out from event)
  • After 1 FW we will do second FW (in 2nd FW only winners will participate)
  • FW EVENT TIME – 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Preparation time15 min.
  • Battle day4 hrs

In last 2 players from each TH(9 to 11) will participate in last FW and then winners will awarded with following below:

Prize for FW individual Winners

  • TH 11 winner – Rs 500
  • TH 10 winner – Rs 500
  • TH 9 winner – Rs 500

 Prizes for FW individual Runner ups

  • TH 11 Runner up – Rs 250
  • TH 10 Runner up – Rs 250
  • TH 9 Runner up – Rs 250

If you have any confusion please ask the Leader or Co-Leaders.

Note: those who want to participate in event must join 7sd before 10 October

Core Committee of 7SD thanking you for your precious time to spend in our website


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